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Deutsche Oper Berlin

My journey in opera has spanned three continents and it is with enormous pride that I have taken on the duties as Music Director of this incredibly storied and distinguished Opera House.

Indeed, since my professional life began in Germany thirty years ago in a theater not unlike  the Deutsche Oper Berlin -the National Theater Mannheim, a company which then boasted a repertoire of over 50 operas -it is a very real feeling of “coming home” to Berlin.

Life in Europe ‘s Hauptstadt is exciting and diverse. Life as a family in Berlin is rich and structured. Life at the helm of the Deutsche Oper is incredible – life where each and every season includes many of the major operas of Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Strauss, an opera house that boasts a great orchestra, a phenomenal chorus and a heady line up of young singers in the ensemble. I am a lucky man.

~ Donald Runnicles

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Members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra.

Members of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra.


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